Holi with Mr. HARRY……

Posted: March 20, 2011 in FRIENDS

hi friends,

Happy Holi friendz.  Hope u all had  celebrated Holi very well. Me too celebrated an unexpected holi this time. I usually dont play holi, as i dont have the habit of playing this festival since my childhood.

Wish you all  a very happy and colorful HOLI….

So, on Holi, i along with Mr. Harry went to RKmath for Yoga classes, and after the session was finished, we came out for breakfast. After we finished our breakfast, We were about to start, Then…

i(left) along with Mr. Harry.....

This fellow all of a sudden took a small box containing  Gulal(color powder)  added to water to it, and his hands were in pink color, and tried to applied to me. As i was escaping he filled the bottle with color water and poured on me,

Oh god! i was totally in holi gulal color, my favourite blue t-shirt was in pink color now.  It was a suprise Holi and i had no color to apply to that fellow.

But later taken from him and applied to him too. We then came to home, and called my bro Arun from outside the gate. He came as usual to checkout, and we applied color on his face too.  He was also colorful now. We shoot some picz of each other and then wished Mr. Harry once again a happy holi and he left.

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  1. pankaj says:

    Wish you and your family a happy Holi Anand…..

  2. sarath says:

    wish you all a very happy, vibrant and colorful Holi. Happy Holi!

  3. bhargav says:

    Wish you the same anand….

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