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Holi with Mr. HARRY……

Posted: March 20, 2011 in FRIENDS

hi friends,

Happy Holi friendz.  Hope u all had  celebrated Holi very well. Me too celebrated an unexpected holi this time. I usually dont play holi, as i dont have the habit of playing this festival since my childhood.

Wish you all  a very happy and colorful HOLI….

So, on Holi, i along with Mr. Harry went to RKmath for Yoga classes, and after the session was finished, we came out for breakfast. After we finished our breakfast, We were about to start, Then…

i(left) along with Mr. Harry.....

This fellow all of a sudden took a small box containing  Gulal(color powder)  added to water to it, and his hands were in pink color, and tried to applied to me. As i was escaping he filled the bottle with color water and poured on me,

Oh god! i was totally in holi gulal color, my favourite blue t-shirt was in pink color now.  It was a suprise Holi and i had no color to apply to that fellow.

But later taken from him and applied to him too. We then came to home, and called my bro Arun from outside the gate. He came as usual to checkout, and we applied color on his face too.  He was also colorful now. We shoot some picz of each other and then wished Mr. Harry once again a happy holi and he left.

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hi friends,

Sravan’s birthday was on jan 27th. Sravan is my college friend. We planned for my friends village(Nalgonda).we wer totally 4 including Sravan, me, Naresh, Sairam(his village). Sairam said his village is famous for a ancient Temple which is located on the Top most Mountain. Actually we planned for a cake cutting @ that top of the hill.

Me and Srav1

So, all set we started by 7:00 am in the morning, . Enjoyed our time in Bus. Reached der around 11:00 am, hired a auto to reach the temple. Climbed some 250+ steps and Atlast reached the temple Top. We had darshanam of Lord Venkateshwara. To Reach on the top of the cliff, there were strange steps, Those were not exactly steps those were small steel rods planted into the mountain, and with the help of those rods we had to climb up the mountain. It was like a Trekking kinda thing, but the main problem was i fear of heights. My 3 fellows climbed up very easily as they have nice experience climbing mountains and trees, but me never tried that. so i denied climbing that mountains. It was too risky for me.. But after there repeated encouragement mainly Naresh, i atlast made it.. climbed the mountain.

You can see the pic where am climbing to reach top and my friends extending hand.

me climbing...

Oh god! it was really a risky business for me, but at the same time i felt excited and wanted to climb again and again. we shoot some picz and then we started cake cutting programme. Sra1 the birthday boy cut the cake, It was a very exciting moment. we were on topmost part of the cliff, from were we can see the complete village , and it was like a helicopter view if see the ground from there.

That sra1 fellow was happy that we were celebrating his birthday in a different style and also memorable style. So, we were on the top of the cliff for a long time.. took nice photo-shots, enjoyed our stay there .. and then returned back.

One more adventurous thing i forgot to mention was the Two Mountain Gap pass. There was a small gap between two huge mountains, and it was the belief of the local villagers that any person able to come out of that gap successful, is the one who never did any sins in his life. The gap was very narrow, no one can get out that so easily, we have to adjust our posture like sometimes bend sometimes inhale deeplyand go through that, we should move our head and hand in right direction and move, it is the only way we can get out, it was not like a straight walk though.

Naresh Passing Through that Gap

These fellow were very thin that they got through that easily and i was struck, am a bit fat now, puton some weight, and i was in too much doubt that i can’t make it.. these fellow on reaching the other side, started encouraging me again, There encouragement was like i can do anything, but that gap was not much that i can easily get through. After too much of thinking, took a deep breath and started, got strucked in between, the main problem was my belly, there was no enough space to move easily, i was full of sweat, for a minute i felt like i will be strucked for a long time here, just like in 127Hours  movie, it was the very very strange

situation out there, can’t explain in words, but my dear fellow, Naresh’s encourage ment with words has at last made me out of that. so by bending, and deep inhaling(to make stomach low) atlast made the move, Thank god i made it, But during my walk through that gap, i hurt myself, my right leg fourth toe was bleeding, not much but little bit of pain …

I enjoyed that minute, felt very excited, but the real problem was how will i get back, no alternative route to come down, again hav to pass through that gap to come out.


But to my surprise, i made it out easily as confidence grew in me, that i can!!! before meThis naresh fellow left, so that he will again encourage me, but really because of that fellows words i made it easily or else i would have been a bit down. So atlast that Adventurous thing is over. I just said my fellow friend Sairam, ” Baas yaar, no more excitements, and adventures”, so we full tired after getting down the cliff, Had lunch and left for fields. At around 4:00pm we drank Pure Cocunut Water (hope u got me……;-) ) and left. We returned back to Hyderabad through Train, while waiting @ station we played shettle for while on platform, we enjoyed every moment that day.

Me @ fields....

It was a very rocking and memorable trip. We guys really rockd, we 4 will be planning for a same kind of trip but a non-trekking place… it really

a like a nightmare coming through that gap of mountain. Really man, itz equal to my worst nightmare, for a couple of nights after that time, i got dreams as if am strucked in that gap. oh god! just imagine that situation……..
Thanq guys for viewing my long blog… tc….

Wish You Happy New Year 2011

Posted: January 1, 2011 in FRIENDS

Hi friends,

                           Wish You all  a Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2011,  Hope you all have rocked the last night to maximum. Me too enjoyed but for a little time, as i had to get up early and visit  The Chilkur Balaji Temple,  Gandipet.  Its a centiment for me that if i visit the Temple on the  First day of the Year, My year will full of happiness and joy. It happened so in my previous years.

So,   I along with my friend Srinivas, visited the Chilkur Balaji temple, It was a very good feeling, Waking up early in the morning , riding on bike all the way to temple crossing  25kms distance, at a average speed of 50. After reaching there,we saw  a long queue there,  But thats was not a big deal, as visiting Chilkur and getting the darshanam of Lord Venkateshwara on the first day of the Year was important. So we were Standing in the queue and chanting the mantra “Govinda Govinda”  along with the other devotees in the line . It was a good Feeling, Really.  We did 11 pradkshanas, and went for Darshanam.  we Spent a while der and returned back.  Finally it was a nice experience visiting Chilkur( My favourite Place) in the early hours of the first of the Year….