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hi friends,

My neice Pranu, staying in U.S is now a 6months old baby with this 25th i.e., April 25th.  She now can rollover very easily and can stay with the support of her hands for longtime. she sits wells without any trouble.  She smiles while she is in that posture. She also started talking a bit..  she makes lot of noises these days whenever her mom leaves her even for a minute. She knows well when she is on camera, and spontaneously gives a good expressions. She is very very cute now. she has turned a thin now. She eats Cerelac daily. I and my mom watch her daily on skype,  we enjoy her cute talks, and smiling expressions. she plays well with her mom, gives her a shake-hand, she is very cute now.  Got newz that they r coming this june, so we waiting excitedly for there arrival….