Steps to Speed-Up Boot Process in Win XP

  1. Click on Start, then Run, and type “msconfig”. Wait for a new window to pop up.
  2. Look under the “BOOT.INI” tab. You will see a box labeled “Timeout:”, and a numerical value. By default, it’s 30, which means 30 seconds of wait time before boot. This can be changed, make it 3 seconds. (Note: if you have more than one operating system, this means the wait time to startup to the highlighted Operating System. Sometimes you might want a bit more than 3 seconds than you can opt 5 or 10 seconds)
  3. Delete The Temporary Files Periodically From Your Computer To Make The Applications Run Faster. Type %Temp% in the run dialog box by clicking on Start -> Run, and click on “OK”. You will see an open folder with many files. Click on the Edit menu and click on Select all and then click on the File menu and select Delete. Note: Always confirm that the folder which is opened has a “temp” on the top of menu bar and the folder indicates that it is a temporary folder.
  4. Perform a Scandisk To See That Your Computer Hard Drive is in Healthy Condition and it helps Your Computer Run Faster
  5. Always Perform a Disk Defragmentation at least once in a month. Start the disk defragmentation from the system tools available in the accessories from the start menu. It takes a longer time and it is advised not to run any applications in the computer including the screen savers, while running disk defragmentation.

Speed up shutdown times

It’s not only start-up that you’d like to speed up; you can also make sure that your system shuts down faster. If shutting down XP takes what seems to be an inordinate amount of time, here are a couple of steps you can take to speed up the shutdown process:

    1. Don’t have XP clear your paging file at shutdown. For security reasons, you can have XP clear your paging file (pagefile.sys) of its contents whenever you shut down. Your paging file is used to store temporary files and data, but when your system shuts down, information stays in the file. Some people prefer to have the paging file cleared at shutdown because sensitive information such as unencrypted passwords sometimes ends up in the file. However, clearing the paging file can slow shutdown times significantly, so if extreme security isn’t a high priority, you might not want to clear it.
    2. To shut down XP without clearing your paging file, run the Registry Editor (click Start > Run, then type regedit in the Run box) and go to:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
    3. Change the value of ClearPageFileAtShutdown to 0. Close the Registry, and restart your computer. Whenever you turn off XP from now on, the paging file won’t be cleared, and you should be able to shut down more quickly.

Note: Please be careful when editing the Registry; you can do a lot of damage here. Don’t change or delete anything unless you know exactly what it is. Its better to export the Registry settings before any changes are maid in Registry Editor.

For more information on Windows Registry you can checkout my blog “Registry Tips & Tricks  for Win XP “


Registry Tips & Tricks for Windows XP

The Registry in Microsoft Windows XP is a database that stores settings used by Windows XP. This includes individual user settings, software settings and hardware settings. While Microsoft does not advise making manual changes to the Windows XP registry, many an avid user has tweaked their registry to achieve a variety of effects.

Registry Changes
To make any changes to your Windows XP registry, you will need to use Regedit, which can be accessed by clicking “Start”->”Run” and typing Regedit into the text box and pressing “Enter.” From there, your registry can be navigated similar to any other file explorer window. Use the directory tree on the left window to locate the entries referred to in this article. The right window will contain the settings, and can be modified by double-clicking on the “Name” of each property. Also, right-clicking on a blank area on the right window will give you the ability to create a new setting value. Remember that changes to the registry won’t take effect until the computer has been restarted.

Registry Backup
There are a lot of Windows XP Registry modifications available out there, but before making any changes to your Registry, you should create a backup in case the functionality of your computer is affected by any changes made. To create a backup, start Regedit and click “File”->”Export…” and then name your registry backup. Select a location that will be easy to find and click “Save.” To reload a registry backup, simply double-click on the backup registry file.

hi friends,

Sravan’s birthday was on jan 27th. Sravan is my college friend. We planned for my friends village(Nalgonda).we wer totally 4 including Sravan, me, Naresh, Sairam(his village). Sairam said his village is famous for a ancient Temple which is located on the Top most Mountain. Actually we planned for a cake cutting @ that top of the hill.

Me and Srav1

So, all set we started by 7:00 am in the morning, . Enjoyed our time in Bus. Reached der around 11:00 am, hired a auto to reach the temple. Climbed some 250+ steps and Atlast reached the temple Top. We had darshanam of Lord Venkateshwara. To Reach on the top of the cliff, there were strange steps, Those were not exactly steps those were small steel rods planted into the mountain, and with the help of those rods we had to climb up the mountain. It was like a Trekking kinda thing, but the main problem was i fear of heights. My 3 fellows climbed up very easily as they have nice experience climbing mountains and trees, but me never tried that. so i denied climbing that mountains. It was too risky for me.. But after there repeated encouragement mainly Naresh, i atlast made it.. climbed the mountain.

You can see the pic where am climbing to reach top and my friends extending hand.

me climbing...

Oh god! it was really a risky business for me, but at the same time i felt excited and wanted to climb again and again. we shoot some picz and then we started cake cutting programme. Sra1 the birthday boy cut the cake, It was a very exciting moment. we were on topmost part of the cliff, from were we can see the complete village , and it was like a helicopter view if see the ground from there.

That sra1 fellow was happy that we were celebrating his birthday in a different style and also memorable style. So, we were on the top of the cliff for a long time.. took nice photo-shots, enjoyed our stay there .. and then returned back.

One more adventurous thing i forgot to mention was the Two Mountain Gap pass. There was a small gap between two huge mountains, and it was the belief of the local villagers that any person able to come out of that gap successful, is the one who never did any sins in his life. The gap was very narrow, no one can get out that so easily, we have to adjust our posture like sometimes bend sometimes inhale deeplyand go through that, we should move our head and hand in right direction and move, it is the only way we can get out, it was not like a straight walk though.

Naresh Passing Through that Gap

These fellow were very thin that they got through that easily and i was struck, am a bit fat now, puton some weight, and i was in too much doubt that i can’t make it.. these fellow on reaching the other side, started encouraging me again, There encouragement was like i can do anything, but that gap was not much that i can easily get through. After too much of thinking, took a deep breath and started, got strucked in between, the main problem was my belly, there was no enough space to move easily, i was full of sweat, for a minute i felt like i will be strucked for a long time here, just like in 127Hours  movie, it was the very very strange

situation out there, can’t explain in words, but my dear fellow, Naresh’s encourage ment with words has at last made me out of that. so by bending, and deep inhaling(to make stomach low) atlast made the move, Thank god i made it, But during my walk through that gap, i hurt myself, my right leg fourth toe was bleeding, not much but little bit of pain …

I enjoyed that minute, felt very excited, but the real problem was how will i get back, no alternative route to come down, again hav to pass through that gap to come out.


But to my surprise, i made it out easily as confidence grew in me, that i can!!! before meThis naresh fellow left, so that he will again encourage me, but really because of that fellows words i made it easily or else i would have been a bit down. So atlast that Adventurous thing is over. I just said my fellow friend Sairam, ” Baas yaar, no more excitements, and adventures”, so we full tired after getting down the cliff, Had lunch and left for fields. At around 4:00pm we drank Pure Cocunut Water (hope u got me……;-) ) and left. We returned back to Hyderabad through Train, while waiting @ station we played shettle for while on platform, we enjoyed every moment that day.

Me @ fields....

It was a very rocking and memorable trip. We guys really rockd, we 4 will be planning for a same kind of trip but a non-trekking place… it really

a like a nightmare coming through that gap of mountain. Really man, itz equal to my worst nightmare, for a couple of nights after that time, i got dreams as if am strucked in that gap. oh god! just imagine that situation……..
Thanq guys for viewing my long blog… tc….

Wish You Happy New Year 2011

Posted: January 1, 2011 in FRIENDS

Hi friends,

                           Wish You all  a Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2011,  Hope you all have rocked the last night to maximum. Me too enjoyed but for a little time, as i had to get up early and visit  The Chilkur Balaji Temple,  Gandipet.  Its a centiment for me that if i visit the Temple on the  First day of the Year, My year will full of happiness and joy. It happened so in my previous years.

So,   I along with my friend Srinivas, visited the Chilkur Balaji temple, It was a very good feeling, Waking up early in the morning , riding on bike all the way to temple crossing  25kms distance, at a average speed of 50. After reaching there,we saw  a long queue there,  But thats was not a big deal, as visiting Chilkur and getting the darshanam of Lord Venkateshwara on the first day of the Year was important. So we were Standing in the queue and chanting the mantra “Govinda Govinda”  along with the other devotees in the line . It was a good Feeling, Really.  We did 11 pradkshanas, and went for Darshanam.  we Spent a while der and returned back.  Finally it was a nice experience visiting Chilkur( My favourite Place) in the early hours of the first of the Year….

hi frndz,

we now into Final Year of  Ist sem of MCA are busy with our miniproject submissions, as valli sree mam was leaving the college. So we had to hurry up preparing the records to get certified by Madam.  And before date we all students successful completed the record work and got certified from Madam.  Madam has taken Software Engineering and Object Oriented Analysis(OOSD) subjects for us in MCA II/III yr.  Her classes are very interesting and very practical, Compares each and every topic with the real world scenario so as to make it easy for the students to grab the subject.  We really miss her classes, and of all we miss her very much in the Last SEM of MCA, becoz the Last SEM deals with Main project, and for the past few years madam has handled the batches and now she is not there to handle our batch. we felt a bit dissapointed,  We guys the 3 once again were into a plan of giving a good Farewell to Madam,  so we proposed the same thing in the class, and everyone was happy with the plan.  Madam last working day in college was on 30th nov, and 2 days were left for that date. So we hurried, and made all arrangements in 2 days and finally on the 30th November evening arranged a small farewell party also a get together party for all the MCA final years students (as it was after a long time that we all have gathered so planned it two way).

Myself near the Podium..

So all arrangements over,  invited our Valli sree madam , Pradeep Sir(H.O.D), (principal), Chandan Babu sir.  So we had a funny interactive session.  some students want expressed there thankfulness to Madam, where as other expressed there apologies for their mischief in class, and some spoke about the college, and some topic or the other, everyone participated in the event very well.  Our Principal sir, gave a speech about the events to be taken place for the MCA final years (mainly Placements),  and our H.O.D sir about the project and the resources available @ college regarding that, and finally our dear Valli Sree ma’am gave a speech, it was very good one. About her experience @ college,  and also with our batch. It was a bit sad moment as she was leaving.

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Group Photo with Valli Sree maam........

We then had Dinner,  shoot some group picz with Valli sree mam, enjoyed the moment, Maa’m then left. We then gather after dinner, for DJJJJJJJJJJJ……. we all danced for a while, especially Teen Maar, then we all left… It was really a memorable event, as everyone we invited was present there. All our fellow class mates were present there, it was really a very gr8t party.  we 3 organisers made the party a good one, in a short period of time..  Thanx to Vijay & Ranith for cooperating with me..

My Neice Pranitha

Posted: November 1, 2010 in FAMILY

hi friends,

My sis & B-Law were  blessed with a cute baby girl. Her name is Pranitha. The first look is always a memorable Thing. Her small cute eyes, nose, innocent face fascinates everyone.  A New born Baby entering into the world looking here and there very innocently was a beautiful scene to watch. She was born in a Local Hospital @ Louisiana. 

First Look of Pranitha

Me and mom watch her daily on skype,  listen to her cry, Play wid her on video chat, But we cannot touch hher and hold in our hands.  Oh God when that moment is going to come… Hmm.. They r mostly coming in the month of June, so we will be playing wid her a lot…

Freshers Party to Juniors

Posted: October 28, 2009 in @ COLLEGE

hi friends,

Now as we are into IInd year of  MCA,  we r now Seniors.  We welcomed the freshers into the college campus very cheerfully. With the permission of  The Principal we had an Interactive session with them, as Ragging was strictly prohibited in our college. After the Interactive session, we are now ready to conduct Freshers party for Juniors.

Me, Ranith, Vijay were the Organisers for the Party. My work was to plan the events for the party, Invitations paper work, and also speeches, documentation for the Anchors.  Ranith was the treasurer,  taking care of the budget and  Vijay was into Functional hall, catering, photographer DJ, etc., business. And finally decided the date to be on  26th October 2009 @ Anupama Hotel near to our College.  We with the help of other fellow classmates  Nagamallesh, Naresh and rest made all arrangements. We invited the Juniors with Invitations cards,  we instructed them to come in complete formals. I, Pushpa and Sandhya were the Anchors for the show. We invited our College Correspondent Mrs. Usha Rani Ma’am, our MCA faculties and supporting staff.

The Function start at 11:00 am followed by a welcome song sung by our classmates  Ramalakshmi and bhagyalaxmi. Then we had a welcome speech to JUNIORS FROM SENIORS by me… Then we had a message to Juniors  from our Correspondent,  then from our Principal, then from our  H.O.D. Then Came the Important event  the Distribution of DVD’s to Junior. Actually the DVD was our Project Work(a website) containing a set of webpages, which contains all the MCA syllabus reference material. All educational and technical stuff essential for the MCA’s.  The Project name was ‘OURZ PRAYATNA’ which means our try, a small project done by  our fellow class mates  Ranith, Vijay and supporting mates  me and Nagamallesh. The DVD was released in the hands of our chief guest our correspondent Mrs. Usha Rani Ma’am. Then we distributed the DVD’s to all the Dignitaries, then to our Juniors.  Next we had a cultural activity,  The Bhartha Natyam Dance by our classmate Naresh, the performance was of the song  ‘nada vinodam‘. It was really amazing. You can see in this  pic,  Naresh  performing that dance. Hatsoff to his spirit, because that guy met with a minor accident that day morning itself, but still managed to come to the event and give his show. After that activity, the diginitaries left for lunch. That concluded our first session.  We all left for lunch. Music was going on,  we were really having a good time  out there @ Anupama Hotel. Next after the lunch, we started our second session i.e, cultural activities.  Started with another traditional dance of the song ‘Madhura Madhura Meenakshi’ from Arjun film. It was kool show from them. Then we had the Chandu Group dance of the song  ‘panchadara bomma bomma’ from Maghadeera. We were having a great time, Juniors totally excited with those dance, and even they were forming group and dancing at the back side. The Volunteers couldn’t control there excitement. The Disco lights focus on the stage gave the attraction to the stage.Next we had the Rose2give round were every junior has to give a rose to his/her opposite one, a junior and a senior. Boys giving to girls is common, but girls giving to boys is really superb experience, boys receiving those will roses will be really lucky. Actually me too received a 4 roses…:-)

Next we had another cultural activity from the siva group. They performed well on the stage.  It was out of control situation for Volunteers as the Juniors in the backside were forming groups and dancing parallely to the song.  Next we had a rounds to select the Mr and Ms Fresher. Actually we selected a bunch of  Junior guyz nd galz from the Interaction session we had previously and for them we organised these rounds. The first round was tell me about yourself/speak on a topic you like. The shortlisted candidates from that round had the next round and it was the speak on a topic but a specific one given by us. For the final round we had 2 Boys and 2 girls of which we have to select a pair to name them as Mr & Ms Fresher.  We all present at the show were enjoying the excitement and i too was enjoying much as i was conducting that part on the stage.  So, the Final round was  TRUTH & DARE Round.  A silly and a funny round, were you can find the guts of a person, whether he/she has the dare to tell the truth or not.  Actually i prepared the Questions in the morning for that in Hurry, But didnot tell to anyone even to the organizers that this would for the final round. So , started the round. The contestants were puzzled with the questions i was asking, the Audience were enjoying my questions and the contestant’s replies. The questions were like……

> Have you ever cheated on your bf/gf (if they have one), or would you ever cheat?

> What is the stupidest thing you’ve done on your own free will?

> Have you ever lied to your girlfriend/boyfriend? If yes, about what?

> Who was your first crush?  etc., etc.,

We then selected the Mr & Ms Fresher of the day. They received the crowns in the hands of our Faculties Chandan Babu sir and Venkatesh sir.

Then We had DJ. Lights off….. Music on….  we danced on various music,  TeenMar, Hip-hop etc….. We rockd a lot.  For almost an hour we danced, then shot some groups picz… also celebrated BirthBoy NagaMallesh Birthday… and then left with full of cheer, joy nd tiredness.  Hmmm i was very happy as the party was really very successfully nd also ok with Anchoring, because i was nervous in the morning whether i could do good anchoring or not, but after compliments from ChandanBabu sir, i felt  happy…..:-)..

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